Oil Pipe Hot Bending

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Oil Pipe Hot Bending

Oil pipe is a special pipe, which is used to transport crude oil and natural gas from the oil and gas layer to the surface after drilling. So it is often required to withstand the pressure generated during the mining process. According to the characteristics of transmission of oil pipe for oil and gas, it is often necessary for hot bending in the production process. Because the geological stratification of the underground is very complex, and not all oil pipe is straight. And it's essential for its heating and hot bending.

We recommend to use our super audio frequency heating furnace for heating oil pipe. The heating furnace uses the induction heating method for the non-contact heating of the oil pipe through the loop induction coil. And the equipment starts very fast with the output of high power factor. And it is equipped with the IGBT transistor with the digital control, so the heating speed is fast. Moreover, it can also be used for local heating. And it can be manually operated to complete automatically the heat treatment process.

Because it is non-contact heating, so the heating temperature is uniform and the deformation is much smaller. Different sizes of metal workpieces can also be heated on one piece of equipment by designing different induction coils. Induction coils are designed flexibility with low production costs. And its transformer is also designed to quickly replace the connector, so that the general workers can learn to use it easily.