Universal Joint Forging in High Frequency Hardening Machine

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Universal Joint Forging in High Frequency Hardening Machine

Universal joint is a mechanical part, which is used to change the angle for power transmission, and is mainly used in universal transmission device of automotive drive system. Therefore, it is an integral part of automotive parts. Because the process of running the car, the drive system is also running, So the universal joint will play the role of transmission.

Due to long-term operation, universal joint will inevitably wear, so it is necessary to improve the strength of universal joints. Universal joint usually first goes through forging and then through forming. Each step of the quality of processing are directly related to the quality of universal joints. High frequency hardening machine is used for hot forging of universal joints, which can effectively increase the strength of universal joints, so that it is more wear-resistant in the course of use, extending its service life. Our equipment can heat the universal joint from the outside without fracture, and the heating efficiency is high.

After this machine is used for the heat treatment of universal joints, you can continue to heat it for its forming. Our machines are equipped with digital control functions, thus improving the ease of machining. In addition, the surface of the universal joint after heat treatment is free from cracks and has a certain mechanical property.