Bucket Teeth Induction Forging

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Bucket Teeth Induction Forging

Bucket teeth is an important part of the excavator, similar to the human teeth, and it is also wearing part. When the bucket teeth is for cutting materials, bucket teeth and material will have relative motion, resulting in a large positive pressure on its surface. And thus it will produce greater friction and impact force between the bucket teeth face and the material, it is easy to damage. If the material is harder rock blocks, concrete, etc., the friction will be greater. Therefore, the heat treatment of the bucket teeth is particularly important.

The formation of bucket teeth requires a series of complex processes. In these processes, the most important thing is induction forging. Bucket teeth forging is heated for the whole body from the outside to inside, which is the heat treatment process before forging molding. Generally speaking, bucket teeth forging on the excavator can be completed by high frequency induction forging machine.

This machine uses electromagnetic induction principle, so it can penetrate instantaneously non-metallic material for induction heating of any metal in a non-contact form. When it is in the heating of the bucket teeth, the heating rate is very fast and oxide layer is small, to ensure the bucket tooth forging effect. Induction coil in this equipment can be customized according to the size of bucket tooth, and not directly contact the bucket tooth in heating for reducing the deformation. Unique cooling circulation system can make it timely cooled to ensure safety, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. Because it does not produce polluting gases, workers working environment has also been improved, beneficial to their health.