Water Tap Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Water Tap Induction Brazing

We use the water tap every day. Although it is so common, however, few people concern about how it is made. The water tap is made by a series of complex processes, such as heating, forging, welding and so on. Today, we do not say its heating forging process, just to say its welding process.

Now, many manufacturers have adopted medium frequency heating machine for water tap welding. Because, the water tap is welded by traditional equipment, there is always lack of welding, cracks and other defects and its welding process is very complex. However, now medium frequency heating machine is not the same. Among them, it's easy in the operation. Using this equipment for welding water tap, you don't complex operation, and it's especially convenient.

After the machine is for welding water tap, not only it can avoid welding defects the traditional equipment caused, but also its appearance is fine. So when it's sold on the market, it became very popular. If you are still using the traditional equipment for welding heat treatment, you will quickly get a new type of medium frequency heating machine.