Twist Drill Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Twist Drill Induction Brazing

Generally speaking, twist drill is named due to its shape looking like a twist, which is used to drill the workpiece hole. Because the twist drill has a spiral groove on the surface, it can be divided into two slots, three slots, or multi-slot twist drill. In its use, it can be clamped in a manual, electric hand-held drilling tools or drilling, milling machines, lathes and even machining centers. Twist drill is currently used in various industries. In its production and processing technology, twist drill is often to go through heating, welding, heat treatment and other steps.

Recently, we received a inquiry from a customer, and it is about twist drill welding. Through communicating with the customer, we learned that customers need the equipment to weld twist drill. And we also knew that the customer has a welding table about 1 meter. According to the customer's requirements on workpiece diameter and heating speed, we recommended ultra high frequency induction welding machine for our customer. For the size of the workpiece, we customized the induction coils for him.

Our welding machine has so many features, including high frequency, start fast and fast heating. In welding process, the induction coil doesn't directly contact with twist drill. Taking the induction heating method, the heat generates from the workpiece itself, so the heat utilization ratio is high with less energy loss. This machine has a number of warning lights on the panel. When it can the timely monitoring for overheating, over-current, over voltage and lack of equal fault in welding process. And warning lights are on, the machine will automatically cut off the power to protect itself.