Stainless Steel Pot Bottom Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Stainless Steel Pot Bottom Induction Brazing

Household stainless steel pot is required to look very smooth, bright and beautiful. High frequency induction brazing machine is used for welding bottom of stainless steel pot with high efficiency. Compared with oxygen welding, it is more energy-saving, and lower in the cost.

In the welding, the oxidation surface is very small because of the fast heating speed. After welding, exquisite appearance looks solid and full. And it almost can not be seen the welding seam, and there will be no shortage of leakage welding. This machine can also be used for other metal welding, steel and steel, steel and iron, copper and iron, iron and iron, copper and aluminum, etc. Besides, it can weld carbide saw blade, spare parts, jewelery, watches and clocks, precision medical equipment, etc.

Because this equipment has fast heating, and uniform heating. And it is very easy to be used, just to put the welding flux between the two bodies in a good location. So the operation is very convenient to every operator. Welcome to your consultation, and we will answer for your questions with our professional spirit and warm service. Looking forward to your visit.