Stainless Steel Pipes Induction Welding

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Stainless Steel Pipes Induction Welding

Stainless steel has good solderability. But if the welding material or welding process is not correct, there will be hot cracks, stress corrosion cracking and other defects in weld. Induction brazing machine can be on the stainless steel pipe welding heat treatment, and the induction brazing effect is very good.

In stainless steel pipes induction welding by this machine, the operation method is very simple. Just the substrate and the welding object can be positioned accurately, no need for other operations. Therefore, a worker can complete the entire induction welding process, reducing the manual input. Moreover, the heating rate is very fast. So the solder is quickly melted and diffused at the weld. This effectively avoids the stainless steel pipe to produce oxidation and decarburization phenomenon in the welding process, to ensure the welding effect of the workpiece.

After welding the stainless steel pipe weld is firmly and full, and the appearance is very smooth and beautiful. Its sensor is made based on the customer's workpieces, which can be free to replace and it can also be used for the turning tools, milling and other parts of the workpiece welding heat treatment.