Super Audio Frequency Induction Brazing Machine for Long Knife Welding

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Super Audio Frequency Induction Brazing Machine for Long Knife Welding

The long knife is a kind of cutter with a longer blade. Its blade is longer and it's not to say that the knife handle is longer, and some people can easily confuse the two. Long knife is used in the modern multi-stage, films and television works. And it was more common in the Tang Dynasty, the Han Dynasty and Ming and Qing Dynasties, was used as one of the most common weapons. Long knife is also composed of knife handle and blade, and the blade is made with the alloy of more strong hardness and cutting performance. And the handle is usually made with wood, iron, steel, and other metals.

For the long knife welding, it is the the processing technology to connect the handle and the blade, using our super audio frequency induction brazing machine . What's more, welding pieces' quality is good and can be used repeatedly. For this equipment, the frequency and output power are two very important factors. The higher the frequency, the lighter the heating depth of the metal; The greater the out power, the greater the weight of the workpiece that can be heated. For usual welding, it easily leads to overheating martensite, grain non-uniform, such as oxidation and decarburization. But using induction welding of this equipment, it can prevent these defects to the most degree, and reduce the return rate.

Induction heating method is used for heating and welding the long knife. Compared with other welding processes, the induction heating is quick and the heat is generated from the inside of the metal. The temperature distribution is more uniform and it is not easy to crack, break and leak. In addition, the sensor can be freely designed and replaced, and a machine can complete a variety of processing technology.