High-speed Steel Tool Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
High-speed Steel Tool Induction Brazing

High-speed steel tool is a cutting tool, which is more tough and cutting performance is much stronger than ordinary cutting tools. It is suitable for a high-strength cutting process. In addition to the need for the connection between cutter blade and the body of the brazing, high-speed steel tool needs also a certain heat treatment before and after welding in order to meet its high-strength toughness. So when we choose the welding equipment and make development process, we should pay special attention to the details of the heat treatment.

A customer from Bangladesh bought our equipment for high-speed steel cutting tools of brazing and other heat treatment process. By email, we learned that high-speed steel tool has been popularized in the local use, and the demand is very large, so the customer wanted to buy a machine to complete all of its processing, including brazing, quenching and tempering. According to the size of the steel tool and the brazing speed per minutethe customer provided, we recommended our customers for ultra-high frequency welding machine.

Our machine is designed as a split-type structure consisting of the heating power supply and a transformer. Transformer is connected the sensor, and sensor can be designed according to the actual heating needs. In induction hardening heat treatment process, it also can be designed as a water-based sensor. Through the replacement of different sensors, a machine can achieve a variety of heating needs, economical and practical. To adopt induction welding with fast heating speed, we only have a reasonable choice of brazing materials, to complete a one-time high-quality brazing with no cracks after welding.