Heating Tube Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Heating Tube Induction Brazing

General heating tube is one tube that the resistance wire is wrapped around with high temperature resistant, and the binding post is both ends of the resistance wire. And the heating principle is that it will get hot resistance is energized. The operating temperature is low, and heating tube is generally used in heating, baking, drying of the textile industry, medical industries and so on.

Our company uses high frequency induction heating machine to weld stainless steel heating pipe. The thermal conductive parts of stainless steel heating pipe flanges and heating tube will be connected together with touch welding. Thermal conductive parts of it have at least one or more bumps. When the heating tube is welded by this machine, it has high efficiency and does not affect surface hue of heating tube. And it can meet the relevant safety testing standards, more simple and more energy-saving than the commonly used welding methods.

After welding, the heating tube will be more solid and not easy to loose. And the welding bit does not produce oxide and do not change color without any treatment to ensure that its primary colors. This ensures that the heat transfer performance of stainless steel heat pipe, which helps to improve product quality, to speed up production speed, and to save raw material consumption, in order to achieve energy saving, increase production and durability.