Flange Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Flange Induction Brazing

The flange is a machine part that serves as a connection role between two pipes. In pipeline construction, flange connection is a very important connection method. Depending on the types of connection, it can be divided into welding neck flange, threaded flange, welding plate flange and so on. The use of flange connections is very extensive in industrial pipeline.

The welding quality of the flange is related to the usage of the pipe. Because it should withstand greater pressure during use, the joints will have cracks and faults, so a high standard of welding process is still very necessary for it. Flange brazing is the expertise of ultra-high frequency welding machine. Our factory used this equipment to achieve induction welding between the flange and steel pipe. At the same time, welding, the welding place has not any damage, even no bulge, no slag, no welding leakage, and no burning through and other defects. What's more, the surface is smooth.

Because the flange is a bit thick, with larger groove, the general brazing will choose symmetrical and multi-layer segment welding, particularly inconvenient. And it also has the emergence of pores, slag and other issues. However, our equipment uses induction copper coils to weld flanges and tubes with high efficiency, and can be heated more evenly.. And we can control the temperature of this device, there will not be the situation of overheating caused by burning through.