Copper Plate Induction Welding

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Copper Plate Induction Welding

Last month, a client from Indonesia sent an e-mail to my company. In his mail,he said his purchase needs that he mainly wants to buy a welding equipment for copper plate induction welding. Because our portable handheld induction brazing machine can be used in induction welding applications of a variety of metal parts, we specifically customized induction welding coil for him according to the size of the copper plate and the welding surface.

Because we recommend this device to the customer is hand-held, and the installation and replacement of its induction coil is very convenient, so the operation is easier and more efficient in the entire induction welding process. Our machine has a safe transfer and high pressure has been shielded to ensure the safety of the operator. In induction brazing copper plates, the hand-held transformer is also equipped with power switch, easy to operate. Because coaxial cable, bearing wheel, bracket with induction brazing machine are used together, hand-held transformers and chiller are free to move.

The operator can easily use the hand-held transformer, reducing operating time and improving the copper plate welding efficiency. Two copper plates were quickly welded together, and the welding site did not appear burning or crack phenomenon. Welding effect is very good. So the customer were also very satisfied with our machine. For further cooperation, we are modifying the more suitable induction coil for him.