Chuck Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Chuck Induction Brazing

Our company has worked with a domestic customer. He used our high frequency heating power supply for welding chuck. After welding, the chuck has no cracks in the welding places, and the welding surface is very smooth without deformation problems. After brazing, the chuck's quality is very good with long life and not easy to rust, so the market response is very good!

Chuck is one of machining parts used in a machine tool to clamp the workpiece. In general, its important components have the chuck body, moving claws and claw drive mechanism. It is typically mounted on a lathe or grinding machine, which is moved, clamped and positioned by moving the claw on the chuck body for further processing. Chuck is required the performance of rust protection, high strength, high clamping accuracy, clamping force and so on. Therefore, high frequency heating power supply of its welding process can make the various parts of the chuck tightly together, to ensure that it has high tensile, durable and reliable features in a long time of operation.

This machine's structure is very simple, and its high-tech devices to make it has advantages of a low power consumption, easy operation, special stability, high intelligence and others. In particular, it can be used with the quenching machine tool to improve the degree of automation, to ensure high yield and high quality. In addition, it can be accurately induction positioned for heating, quenching, cooling and other heat treatment.