Carbide Tip Welded To Steel Impeller

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Carbide Tip Welded To Steel Impeller

Steel Impeller refers to the wheel with moving blades, which is part of the impulse turbine rotor. Impeller can be classified according to the shape and conditions of opening and closing. Carbide tip and steel impeller welding process is very common in induction welding applications. The purpose of this induction brazing process is to firmly weld the carbide tip to the steel impeller, in order to achieve a very hard cutting edge.

Before induction welding, we need to place the flux in the brazing area and then position the carbide tip on the steel impeller. Then, the induction coil needs to be positioned in the welding area, and the induction coil can not directly contact the workpiece. The entire welding process takes only a few minutes. Our induction welding machine can precisely control the time and temperature of induction heating.

This pipe copper induction welding machine does not produce open flame in induction heating, so it can be safely used for induction brazing. In addition, its operation is very simple. And it has the feature of low power consumption and energy conservation. After induction welding, there is no crack the welding surface of the impeller and the carbide tip. The surface of the weld is almost free of oxide. The induction brazing machine is small enough to move easily and save floor space.