Auto Parts Brazing in Induction Welding Machine for Sale

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Auto Parts Brazing in Induction Welding Machine for Sale

In fact, some auto parts need induction brazing heat treatment to meet the needs of the work. As for brazing, induction brazing process is good for some auto parts brazing quality with induction welding machine for sale from Zhengzhou Gous induction welding equipment manufacturers and the welding effect is much better than traditional brazing equipment.If it uses traditional equipment for induction welding, there is always a lack of welding.

Induction brazing equipment on auto parts induction brazing has advanced IGBT technology and customized induction coil in it. So the induction welding speed is very fast and the weld place has no welding defect. What's more, cemented carbide tips are welded firmly on auto parts to greatly improve its work quality.

The equipment does not need to warm up and can be used directly to weld carbide tips on auto parts. And after welding auto parts have no leakage solder joints. Due to fast induction heating rate, there is no oxidation and decarburization phenomenon further. So that the appearance of auto parts after induction welding is good.