Alloy Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Alloy Induction Brazing

Induction brazing process is very important for metal parts induction heat treatment. Sometimes, steel rods need to be welded with alloy to form a whole and to better meet the needs of the work. After induction welding, the metal parts have the feature of wear resistant, which are more durable and sharp because of alloy welding on steel rod with induction brazing machine.

Before induction welding, the alloy can be set on steel rod and the welding flux is on the interface between them in order to be melted for finish induction welding process. And scaling powder is also be used to reduce the oxidation of the weld and to improve the quality of brazing. The induction heating speed is very fast and the induction brazing effect is very good, which can be also presented on the vedio of  by induction brazing machine.

In induction brazing alloy for steel rod, the metal part surface has almost no oxidative decarburization defects. And the weld is very firm, so that the alloy part after iniduction brazing will not easily fall off.