Wire Induction Annealing Machine for Stainless Steel Tubes Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Wire Induction Annealing Machine for Stainless Steel Tubes Annealing

Stainless steel tubes are very common. After cutting, stainless steel tubes will be heated for induction annealing in the area of the incision. The purpose of induction annealing is to reduce the hardness of the steel pipe, remove stress in the cutting, and improve its toughness and plasticity.

The figure above shows the induction annealing on the stainless steel pipe oval incision with wire induction annealing machine. The induction heating coil of this equipment is designed and customized according to the diameter of the stainless steel pipe, the area of the incision, the heating temperature, etc. In the induction heating of stainless steel pipe incision, the induction coil of this device can be directly on the incision area for induction annealing, to ensure high precision heat treatment.

This machine has the features of faster heating speed and more environmentally friendly than flame heating. Its heating temperature can be precisely controlled. At the same time, our equipment does not require the operator's manufacturing skills with simple operation. It is very energy efficient for the user to save a lot of production costs. After annealing, the steel pipe incision has high toughness, which is easy to further processing.