Train Wheel Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Train Wheel Induction Annealing

After the train wheel has been used for a long time, the wheel surface will have serious wear and tear, so the wheel surface needs to be filled with special materials. After being filled, the surface of the train wheel appears uneven, and then grinded. After grinding there will be tension. So it needs induction annealing to reduce the hardness and to eliminate internal stress.

Zhengzhou Gou's induction heating power supply can be used for induction quenching and annealing train wheels. For the induction annealing process, our induction heating equipment heats the wheel surface quickly and evenly. It has these features of less heat loss, high efficiency and low cost. The entire annealing process is a fast and controlled process that improves the quality of the train wheels.

As for induction heating equipment for train annealing, its induction heating temperature and position control is very accurate to meet the stringent quality standards. In induction annealing, this machine can change the structure of the material in the right place with the correct amount of heat, reducing the internal stress of the train wheels. Our induction annealing machine can also be applied in induction annealing steel strip and steel wire well.