Tape Annealing in High Frequency Induction Welding Equipment

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Tape Annealing in High Frequency Induction Welding Equipment

The tape is one of the commonly used measuring tools, is widely used in the life of the application. In order to meet the needs of production, the tape generally need to be annealed heat treatment to improve its own toughness. The tape is heated for annealing by induction welding equipment, and the annealing effect is very good.

The tape is slowly heated to a certain temperature and keep a sufficient period of time, and then cooled at an appropriate rate. Thereby, it can remove residual stress and improve the plasticity and toughness of the tape. When the machine is used for the tape annealing, the heating rate is very fast. This equipment is used in the production line, you can achieve full automation of the tape, more efficient. In annealing, it will not produce noise and is very environmentally friendly.

In addition, the sensors on the device can be customized, and can also be free to be installed and replaced. As the tape is thin, we need to pay attention to its heating temperature. Because this device can monitor and control the heating temperature, so as to ensure its processing quality. Moreover, our equipment can be selected the appropriate power and models based on customer requirements, and even our factory can customize the mahcine to meet customers' needs.