Steel Wire Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Aug 24, 2018
Steel Wire Induction Annealing

Steel wire induction annealing can eliminate work hardening and internal stress, improve the plasticity and toughness in order to continue the cold processing. Our machines can complete the induction annealing treatment of steel wire, and the entire annealing process is highly automated.

The figure above is the test of steel wire annealing with ultra-high frequency 40kw and special ultra-high frequency 20kw induction heating machine. There are pay-off racks on the left and right ends of the equipment for putting out and rolling up the wire. In addition, we also have infrared thermometers that can accurately detect the heating temperature.

Among them, the steel wire is first preheated by an ultra-high frequency induction heating machine 40KW, and then heated by a special ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment 20KW. Induction annealing is fast and the heating is uniform. The surface of the annealed steel wire has almost no oxide layer and no cracks. The annealed steel wire has good plasticity and toughness.