Steel Ring Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Aug 14, 2018
Steel Ring Induction Annealing

The steel rings are mainly used in valve flange joints and has good sealing performance. The production of the steel rings needs to be cast or forged, and then subjected to induction annealing heat treatment by induction annealing equipment to eliminate its residual stress.

This induction annealing machine contains the multi-level protaction and display such as overcoltage, overhear, underwater, etc. The comprehensive full load design is available for 24-hour continuous operation. Compared to other heating methods, this induction heating method can significantly reduce the amount of metal loss.

The equipment will not produce noise and dust in the induction annealing process, so it will not pollute the environment. The IGBT power module is adopted, with low power dissipation and efficient energy conservation itself. After induction annealing by the equipment, steel rings have good toughness and strength.