Stainless Steel Wire Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Stainless Steel Wire Induction Annealing

We are not unfamiliar with stainless steel wire, because we will often see it in our daily lives. Moreover, it is also widely used in industry. When it is used in different places, the performance requirements of stainless steel wire are also different. Sometimes, in order to meet the needs of the work, stainless steel wire needs to be used for annealing heat treatment with special heat treatment equipment.

Stainless steel wire often uses high frequency induction heat treatment machine for annealing. And the purpose is to reduce the hardness of iron wire, to improve the cutting process, to eliminate residual stress relieving, and to obtain stable size. As for what type of equipment for heat treatment, this should be based on stainless steel wire's diameter and heating rate to determine. However, the use of more is 50kw high frequency machine.

In the annealing of stainless steel wire with this equipment, the heating rate is very fast. Just a minute, stainless steel wire can be annealing for several meters. So fast heating speed effectively avoids the oxidation and decarburization phenomenon in the process of annealing, to ensure its annealing effect. So that stainless steel wire after the annealing can meet the practical work needs.

Better is that the machine is easy to be installed in the production line, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. And it's easy to be managed. So it can effectively reduce transportation, save manpower, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.