Stainless Steel Tube Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jan 22, 2019
Stainless Steel Tube Induction Annealing

After stainless steel tube welding, it needs to be annealed with the induction annealing machine to relieve and improve its structure, refine the grain,reduce the hardness and improve the quality of stainless steel tube.

Our induction annealing equipment uses the German Siemens IGBT transistor, full-bridge inverter technology, closed loop design, etc. And it has the features of fast induction heating rate, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation and good induction annealing process. The machine can be used to heat the stainless steel tube to between 500℃ and 600℃, and then carry out the insulation and slow cooling with controllable speed. So the induction annealing effect is very good.

The machine uses induction heating way to heat the stainless steel pipe and it's the non-contact heating way between the induction coil and the workpiece, so the stainless steel tube can be carried ou overall heating and local heating. It can be equipped with infrared thermometer for accurate measurement of the temperature. After induction annealing, seamless steel tube has long service life and low maintenance rate.