Ribbed Steel Bar Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Ribbed Steel Bar Induction Annealing

In the production process, ribbed steel bar firstly need to be heated and annealed, to reduce its hardness and improve the internal structure of ribbed steel. And then it needs to be cold-rolled or hot-rolled to obtain the appropriate strength, toughness and other mechanical properties. As a kind of basic steel, the ribbed steel bar is widely used in the construction industry and structural building materials. Because of its large demand, the production and processing are carried out in large quantities.

Induction annealing machine is used for annealing ribbed steel bars, which has many advantages of fast heating speed, low power consumption and high-quality processing. After annealing ribbed steel bar, this reduces its hardness and improves its toughness. This equipment is generally split structure, mainly having power cabinet, transformers and sensors. The external design of the transformer has the inductor to change the joint rapidly. Inductor can be flexibly designed according to the diameter and the length of the workpiece. A super audio device with a different sensor to use can achieve a machine with multiple machines with high applicability.

Our company has repeatedly designed ribbed steel bars annealing production line for our customers. And these annealing production lines takes more than one heating equipment in parallel, the maximum extent possible to meet customers' requirements. The frequency of our super-audio frequency equipment is generally between 10KHZ and 50KHZ, the output power of different equipment determines the size of the heating capacity. The power range of the Super Audio Series ranges from 16KW to 400KW to meet different heating requirements.