Motor Shaft End Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Aug 30, 2018
Motor Shaft End Induction Annealing

There are different types of motor shafts. There is a keyway at the end of the motor shaft in the figure above. This kind of motor shaft belongs to the hydraulic motor shaft. It needs induction annealing before further processing to eliminate internal stress at the end of the motor shaft, and to improve its plasticity and toughness. Annealing motor shaft end can be finished by induction annealing machine.

The induction heating coil of this machine is specifically designed and manufactured for the annealing of the motor shaft end. When the end of the motor shaft is placed in the induction heating coil, the temperature can reach the required maximum temperature after power is applied for a few seconds. After this, The end of motor shaft is kept warm for a while and then cooled.

Throughout the induction annealing process, we can control the heating time, holding time and cooling time. Precise and controllable heat can be placed on the part that needs heating. Induction heating machine has the features of high heating efficiency and low energy consumption, which can reduce production costs for customers. The surface of the motor shaft end after annealing has almost no oxidation.