Fuel Spray Nozzle Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Fuel Spray Nozzle Induction Annealing

Fuel spray nozzle is one of the key parts of the EFI engine. Its quality will seriously affect the performance of the engine. When it is blocked, it will seriously affect the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the nozzle's quality has high requirements in the production life. Heat treatment is the key factor affecting its quality, in which annealing heat treatment is the most important. High frequency induction heating machine is preferred for annealing of fuel spray nozzle.

While this machine is used for annealing heat treatment of fuel spray nozzle, the method of operation is very simple. Just put the nozzle in the sensor, and then turn on the machine to heat at 600-700℃, and then cooled to the appropriate speed. The purpose is to reduce the hardness of the nozzle, and to improve its plasticity and toughness. It is better that the heating method is very flexible, not only the whole annealing, but also partial annealing, to avoid the overall annealing defects, so that the nozzle after annealing can meet work requirements.

When this equipment is annealing heat treatment for fuel spray nozzle, it can be used in conjunction with feed devices, thermometers, time relays, etc. So the annealing temperature is more accurate with perfect annealing process, and it can achieve mechanized production to improve production efficiency.