Flat Steel Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Flat Steel Induction Annealing

Flat steel refers to the steel that has a certain width and thickness and the section of rectangular slightly with pure side. Flat steel can be finished steel or semi-finished steel. It is mainly used in engineering and building structures, such as lifting transport machinery, bridges, beams, container rack, transmission towers, etc. Finished flat steel should be hot-rolled or cold-rolled state for delivery.

Among them, the finished flat steel is reuired to have high tensile strength and yield on the market. And it will also be required that the surface of stainless steel flat has not crack, delamination and other defects. Then, the annealing process of flat steel is used to deal with these problems. After we use our company's medium frequency induction annealing machine for flat steel annealing, it can effectively eliminate interior stress the cold-rolled or hot-rolled process should cause, so that the surface of the strain should be repaired for greatly improving tensile strength, toughness and yield.

While our equipment is in the annealing of flat steel, it has high efficiency and its power consumption is also less. At the same time, this device can also be used to quench metal parts, melting, welding, so it's very practical. In addition, it has a good protection system, which has been in the processing of dynamic monitoring. Once there is a fault, it will take immediate action to protect itself for the safe use. In the process of annealing, there is no pollution of the gas and waste, so it's very environmentally friendly.