Copper Strip Induction Annealing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jan 22, 2019
Copper Strip Induction Annealing

Copper strip is a kind of metal component, mainly used for the production of electrical components, lamp caps, battery caps, buttons, seals, connectors. It is mainly used as conductive, thermal and corrosion resistant equipment, such as: electrical components, switches, gaskets, and automotive water tanks, heat sinks and other components.

The copper strip is subjected to cutting, hot rolling or cold rolling, so the induction annealing treatment can reduce or eliminate internal stress and improve the toughness, plasticity and strength of the copper strip. Our induction heating generator for steel rod can achieve the induction annealing of the copper strip well to achieve the desired annealing effect.

This induction heating coils of induction heating generator can be customized for annealing copper strips with different sizes. This machine has the high reliability, and it uses all solid stage IGBT inverter and functional regulation, soft switching dual resonant frequency control and auto-tracking techinology.