Copper Induction Brazing Machine 30KW to German Client

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Copper Induction Brazing Machine 30KW to German Client

A few days ago, a German customer ordered a super audio frequency induction heating equipment 30kw. The client said that his friend recommended him to go to our company to purchase the machine. His friend had bought our induction heater before that and had been using it for more than a year. He always praised the quality of the equipment.

The German customer needs a machine to heat steel bars. The heating length of the bar is 50mm and the maximum diameter of the induction coil's size is 28mm. And he requires that the machine's working power is 3 phase 380V. According to his needs, we recommended a super audio frequency copper induction brazing machine 30kw, which is specially used to heat and heat the entire steel bar. The customer needs to see the thermal effect of the device, so we quickly arranged the experiment of induction heating steel bar.

This device has no extension, small size, light weight and small footprint. The key is to heat very quickly, and the steel bar is heated evenly with minimal oxidation. After watching the hot experimental video, the customer was more satisfied with our equipment. The price of this device is also very cheap, so customers have no doubt about the price. Soon, he decided to order the machine and said they had the opportunity to purchase our equipment again.