WOW! Bars Induction Heating Furnace 250KW to Vietnam

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
WOW! Bars Induction Heating Furnace 250KW to Vietnam

Yesterday, there was in the drizzle. Autumn has come. Yesterday afternoon, our staff packed the induction heating furnace and shipped it to Vietnam.

The Vietnamese customer ordered is our 250kw ultra-audio frequency bars induction heating furnace, it can realize automatical feeding and belongs to one all-in-one machine. And the customer uses it into steel bars induction forging. Among them, one kind of bars have the diameter of 10-20mm and the length is 200mm; another bars' diameter is 50-60mm and the length is 100mm.

This induction heating furnace is customized and based on our customer's processing requirements. Among them, its furnace body can reduce the heat consumption, which costs savings. When bars in the heating, the heating effect is very good. In addition, its feed device makes full use of the cylinder to promote bars, to achieve the automatic feeding. At the end of the furnace there is a discharge track, belonging to the discharge tooling. So, the whole bars heating process saves time and energy.

Bars Induction Heating Furnace 250KW to Vietnam

The Vietnamese customer considered to order our machine because of its heating effect. And, it has an integrated design, easy to move. Our products have CE, SGS and ISO9001:2015 certification, so the quality of the induction heating furnace can be guaranteed.