Bars Induction Forging Machine for Motor Shaft Induction Hardening to Hungary

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Bars Induction Forging Machine for Motor Shaft Induction Hardening to Hungary

Last Friday, a set of induction heating equipment, including a bars induction forging machine 20KW and a vertical induction hardening machine, was shipped to Hungary.

The Hungarian customer needs the machine for induction hardening of motor shafts. Motor shaft's diameter is 8mm, its quenching hardness is 60HRC and its quenching depth is 0.5-1.2mm. Michelle, our sales person, recommended TGS-20 ultrahigh frequency induction forging machine and LP-SK-600 vertical induction hardening machine to this customer.

Bars Induction Forging Machine to Hungary

Next, we did a motor shaft quenching test for this customer, using the machine is that Michelle recommend a set of the machine and a water chiller. The figures below are the equipment in induction hardening test.

Sets of Bars Induction Forging Machine for Motor Shaft Hardening

When quenching, the operation of the equipment is simple. Quenching machine panel can be set induction heating temperature, heating time, workpiece moving speed and so on according to customer requirements. Induction heating and spray cooling are performed almost simultaneously, the quenching depth and temperature are precisely controlled. Moreover, the motor shaft's hardness value after the induction hardening test meets customer requirements.

Motor Shaft Induction Hardening for Hungary Customer

The customer was still very satisfied with the test results, so he ordered this set of equipment after negotiating the price with us.