• Customer from Malaysia for Induction Melting Furnace
    We just got a customer from Malaysia who wanted to purchase our induction melting furnace for gold, silver and copper. He paid a visit to our company and wanted to have a look of our melting furnace on site. The daily melting capacity is 200kgs-500kgs, maximum is 1500kgs a day. We recommended our 160kw intermediate frequency induction melting furnace for him, including a cooling tower and a thermocouple.
  • Order of High Frequency Induction Heating Machine
    The workpiece size of our customer is 50*50*1mm, and the required temperature needs to reach 1000℃ in one minute. And no deformation occurs during the induction heating. The induction heating is very simple, so we recommend a 45kw high frequency induction heating machine.
  • Purchase for Sucker Rod Quenching and Tempering Production Line
    Our customer required to purchase induction heating machine for sucker rod, this is an induction heat treatment production line that can continuously supply induction heat treatment for workpiece. The material of the sucker rod is C45, the maximum length is 9.042m, diameter 50, productivity 20,000 pieces one year. The entire production line needs end heating, flat forging machine and quenching and tempering.
  • Order from Latvia
    This set of induction heating machine 60kw were shipped to Latvia last Saturday. The customer required to use this machine for the induction hardening of gear teeth and some gear rings with depth of 1-2mm, and hardness of 60HRC, factory voltage is 380V and daily production is 50 units with 300kg.
  • Installation of Induction Hardening Machine 160kw for Malaysia Customer
    Last week, at the request of our Malaysia customer, our technicians went to Malaysia to provide the assistance of installation and technical guidance of the induction hardening equipment our customer has purchased.
  • Induction Heating Machine 160kw for Vietnam Customer
    The integrated induction heating machine 160kw was purchased by our Vietnam customer. This machine is applied in the heating of stainless steel as our customer’s request.
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