Application Evaluation and Recommendation

Zhengzhou Gou's will recommend the suitable induction heating equipment and heating solution as long as you tell us his specific heating requirements. Based on the workpiece's needs of processing, our technical staff will use the applicable induction coil to do the heating experiment of the workpiece for you, so as to evaluate your benefits from it. If so, it's good for your choice.

Custom Design and Manufacture

Zhengzhou Gou's will customize the induction heating machine and induction coil for you according to the size of the workpiece and the heating requirements. If your workpiece is more complex, you had better send us a schematic diagram of the workpiece to facilitate our design and production, including the equipment's frequency, power, color, the layout of production line, supporting equipment, etc. We also can continue to provide you with improvements in production.


You can follow the detailed instructions for installation, including the circuit, water, induction coli and so on. We will sent a complete of installation of video and schematic diagram to help you according to your needs. In case of questions, you can always contact our technical staff for assistance.

Investment Analysis

Zhengzhou Gou's will analyze the budget and profits of the equipment for your reference according to technical and economic investment. 

Repaire & Spare Parts

Our technicians provide you with free online consultation and maintenance instructions. Or we can also record the specific repair video for you, to help you repair faster. We will provide you with long-term technical support. The products will be repaired free of charge if there is any problem on quality in warranty.

Inductor Shop

If necessary, we will repair, maintain and replace the suitable induction coil for you. 

Packing and Shipping

Our equipment is packed by special wooden box of fumigation plywood, and wrapped with foam plastic, in order to withstand long-distance transport.
Our products can provide customers with ocean shipping, rail transport, air transport, and so on according to your needs. So you can choose any of them and we provide you with the fastest, most secure transportation.