Copper Induction Melting Machine 500KW

Copper Induction Melting Machine 500KW

  • Model: GS-ZP-500
  • Maximum Output Power: 500KW
  • Oscillation Frequency: 2-10khz
  • Application: heating,forging,hardening,brazing and annealing.


Features of Copper Induction Melting Machine 500KW:

* Our machine doesn't need compensation capacitor.

* Inverting control with high technology and accurate switching control are realized to assure top reliability and low repair of our induction melting machine.

* Induction melting machine is with high frequency and low power consumption.


Cooling Water Pressure(mpa)/Water Flow(m3/H) 0.3Mpa/>40m3/H
Generator Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 700*700*1650 170kg
Transformer Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 1050*610*540 190kg
Working Voltage 342V-430V
Max Input Current(a) 750
Working Power Three phase380V/50-60Hz