Didital Vacuum Pressure Casting Furnace

Didital Vacuum Pressure Casting Furnace

  • Model: GS-AVC
  • Machine Weight: 150KG
  • Vacuum Degree: -760mmHg,15L/sec
  • Application: copper,gold,silver,etc


Features of Didital Vacuum Pressure Casting Furnace:

1. Operating cost can be reduced and high energy conversion up to above 100%.

2. There is no need to purity after induction melting prcessing.And there is less or no interference to other machines in workshop.

3.Digital vacuum pressure casting furnace can be finished with high quality and lower cost by experienced workers.


Furnace Output Power(kw) 5
Temperature Range 1450℃
Working Power Three phase380V/50-60Hz
Melting Time 3-5min
Maximum Pressure 2500hps
Machine Size(mm) 720*700*1150