Steel Rolling Mill for Steel Rebar Heating Line

Steel Rolling Mill for Steel Rebar Heating Line

  • Model: GS-FW-228
  • Power: 55KW/44KW
  • Dimension(M): 2.9*1.2*1.7
  • Weight: 3500KG



Rolling mill is the device that implement metal rolling processes, including major equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment, ancillary equipment, etc. The work rack is composed of rollers, roller bearings, guides for rolling mills, archways, rail seats, roll adjustment devices, upper roll balancing devices, roll change devices, etc. Rolling mill is the main machine of the entire heat treatment production line. They have different sizes, which are customized according to customers' needs.

Main Application:

Hot rolling steel mills can be used in rolling round steel, square steel, channel steel, flat steel, steel plate, angle steel, etc. This rolling steel line includes flywheels, reducer, herringbone gear block, main rolling stand, couplings and motors. Cold rolling steel mill is mainly used for the production of ribbed steel rebar. And this line has rust remover, cold mill, straight machine, high-frequency heating, fixed-length flying shear, automatic flip rack, pneumatic packing system, automatic control system, etc.


1. The steel produced by the rolling mill has bright blue luster and dense rust-proof layer.

2. Simple operation and high degree of automation.

3. The gear box uses advanced gears for smooth transmission, more durable.

4. Roller is made of special alloy steel, which can produce different sizes of steel with simple adjustment and long service life.

5. The whole steel rebar production line requires a billet induction heating furnace. We can design the entire production line according to your requirements.

6. It can be applied to the continuous rolling or semi-continuous rolling steel production line with a high degree of automation.