Steel Plate Induction Quenching Heat Treatment Production Line

Steel Plate Induction Quenching Heat Treatment Production Line

  • Model: GS-ZP-80
  • Working Voltage: 342-430V
  • Oscillation Frequency: 2-10khz
  • Application: Steel plate,iron plate,copper plate and metal plate induction heating,induction hardening and tempering


Features of Steel Plate Induction Quenching Heat Treatment Production Line:

1. The entire steel plate induction quenching heat treatment production line is mainly composed of induction heating machine, quenching and tempering sensor, automatic feeding device, servo motor drive discharge device and center console.

2. Through the PLC control, it can achieve steel plate induction quenching and tempering to meet the technical requirements, automatically record the temperature of each steel plate.Feeding and unloading is very convenient.

3. Power saving, no noise, no dust and no pollution.

4. The machine has high security with sensor for isolation.

5. The use of micro-processing can be set to control the operation of induction heating, cooling and insulation.

6. Induction heat treatment equipment uses cabinet-type structure, and the cabinet is equipped with electrical and water system. The front of the cabinet has instructions and control buttons, easy to operate.

Customer Case:

Induction quenching steel plate with length of 800mm and width of 100mm. The customer requires that the quenching depth is 3mm, quenching speed is 20 pieces per minute and the actual quenching temperature is about 800℃, so we recommended 80kw medium frequency lathe tool induction brazing machine. The following is its specification:

Model GS-ZP-80
Working Power Three phase380V/50-60Hz
Maximum Output Power 80kw
Max Input Current 120A

Generator Size(mm)/Weight

590*450*780 65KG
Transformer Size(mm)/Weight 420*355*450 50KG
Cooling Water Pressure/Water Flow 0.1Mpa/>11m3/H