Gear Induction Hardening Equipment 300KW

Gear Induction Hardening Equipment 300KW

  • Model: WH-VI-300
  • Working Voltage: 350V-410V
  • Working Power: Three phase380V/50-60Hz
  • Application: heating,forging,brazing,annealing and melting.



Oscillation Frequency(khz) 10-25
Max Input Current(a) 450
Cooling Water Pressure(mpa)/Water Flow(L/min) 0.3Mpa/>16L/min 
Maximum Output Power(kw) 300
Generator Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 1100*650*520 140kg
Transformer Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 500*800*580 150kg

Application of Features of Gear Induction Hardening Equipment 300KW:

* Induction hardening of gears, crane wheel, camshaft, crankshaft, axis shaf, half shaft, motor shaft, sucker rod, etc.

* Induction hardening of roller, drill bits, bearing, sawtooth, sickle, axe, etc.

* Chain hardening in gear induction hardening equipment;

* Induction quenching and tempering for shaft, wheels, rods with high mechanical performance requirements.

* Induction annealing of steel wire, steel rebar, aluminum wire, aluminum rod, steel rod, titanium bars, stainless steel products, etc.

* Induction forging for steel rod, steel billet, etc.

Features of Gear Induction Hardening Equipment 300KW :

* There is no flame and less heat loss so that it can reduce the risk of work injuries.

* Induction heating processing is accurate and repeatable.

* It is greatly suitable for smaller parts.