Brass Induction Forging in Round Bar Induction Heating Generator

Data:Jan 03, 2018

Brass Induction Forging in Round Bar Induction Heating Generator

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Due to different zinc content in brass, mechanical properties of brass are not the same. The use of ordinary brass is very wide, such as water tank strip, medals, bellows, serpentine tubes, condensers, shells and various shapes of complex red products, hardware and so on. With the increase of zinc content, they are well able to withstand hot processing, so they are used for various parts of machinery and electrical appliances, stamping parts, musical instruments, etc.

Brass should be heated and then be hot forged into different brass parts. Our round bar induction heating generator can be used for induction heating and hot forging the brass. The picture above is the experiment we did for a Malaysian customer. In the experiment, it is our 80kw induction heating machine for the brass forging. Inside the induction coil, there is a layer of asbestos cloth with insulation.

This machine can be heated fast, and it can be remote controlled and connected with infrared temperature measurement equipment, improving the quality of induction heating. The brass quickly turns from the original color to orange, reaching the maximum temperature required by the customer. The brass can be heated evenly from outside to inside, which is conducive to the next forging molding.