Copper Induction Brazing Machine 30KW

Copper Induction Brazing Machine 30KW

  • Model: WH-VI-30
  • Max Input Current: 45a
  • Working Power: Three phase380V/50-60Hz
  • Application: heating,forging,hardening,annealing and melting.


Features of Copper Induction Brazing Machine 30KW:

* Die life can be enhanced by uniform heating temperature.

* Our equipments can be started up 100% at any load.

* There is less or no interference to other machines in workshop.


Maximum Output Power(kw) 30
Oscillation Frequency (khz) 10-60
Working Voltage 342V-430V
Generator Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 690*290*550 45kg
Transformer Size(mm)/Weight(kg) ------------------
Cooling Water Pressure(mpa)/Water Flow(L/min) 0.1Mpa/>6L/min