Wire Induction Annealing Machine 10KW

Wire Induction Annealing Machine 10KW

  • Model: GS-10
  • Maximum Output Power: 10KW
  • Oscillation Frequency: 100-250khz
  • Application: forging,brazing,hardening,melting and annealing.


Features of Wire Induction Annealing Machine 10KW :

* Reliability and perfect protection can be ensured with reliable components.

* Installation is considered to be easy according to our manual.

* Physical characteristics can be ensured by uniform temperature and quick cool processing.


Cooling Water Pressure(mpa)/Water Flow(L/min) 0.3Mpa/>8L/min
Max Input Current(a) 7-35
Working Voltage 180V-250V
Generator Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 570*260*500 30kg
Transformer Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 390*260*370 16kg
Working Power Single phase220V/50-60Hz