Steel Induction Melting Equipment to the Dubai Customer

May 31, 2017

Steel Induction Melting Equipment to the Dubai Customer

A Dubai customer wanted to buy a set of metal induction melting machine for steel melting, and asked the product selection and specific information. When we received his email, we immediately responded to the customer. And we recommended the applicable equipment and details about the equipment for him.

Because he was very busy working, he returned to our mail a few days later, and said would like to see the induction melting effect. So we began to do a melting test of steel with the capacity of 10kg. Steel induction melting equipment 50KW was used in this test and it is the machine we recommended.

Due to good melting result,fast induction heating speed and a discounted price, this customer decided to order this set of melting furnace. Now, we have finished the production of this machine, and then we are ready to package and ship.